Pronouns: She/Her

Kate is 29 years old. She spent a lot of her childhood moving between the lower mainland and Prince George, but most of her teenage years were in PG. She moved to Kamloops 8 years ago and started working at BCLC 7 years ago. Kate has changed roles a couple of times during her time at BCLC, but is currently a Technical Delivery Coordinator. In 2018, she created a PRIDE committee at BCLC which marched in both the Kamloops and Vancouver parades for the first time.  In her free time, she enjoys a variety of activities, from gaming (specifically RPGs), to being outdoors, whether she is 4x4ing, fishing, going for a drive in the mountains or taking her dog to the park. Kate also loves to get together with her family and friends to play board games, and is an escape room addict.  Kate enjoys volunteering when she can, and has helped out with things like the BC Games and Special Olympics, as well as the Pit Stop program. She has also helped with fundraisers through BCLC for various charities like The Children’s Wish Foundation, Christmas Amalgamated and the Food Bank.  The three things Kate couldn’t live without are her friends, her dog Baloo and the internet.  


Her favourite thing about Kamloops is how the community is really good at rallying behind certain causes and helping out. For example, when people were displaced from the forest fires, the people of Kamloops stepped up and volunteered to help. To Kate, Pride means a few things. It means visibility for those who have been marginalized. It means celebrating and expressing who you are unapologetically. It means respectfully educating anyone with an open mind and a willingness to learn (and sometimes even those without it when necessary). And lastly, it means helping those folks who aren’t yet able to have a voice.


Photos courtesy of Kathleen Fisher Photography and Aspect Film Works 



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