Pronouns: She/Her

Nichelle is a daughter, a partner, a friend, a teacher. She spent the first 24 three years of her life growing up in the capital city of Newfoundland, moving to BC in 2009. Nichelle spent three years in Victoria, before moving to Kamloops, and it felt harmonious to move from one island to another. Kamloops is now where she calls home and she wouldn't live anywhere else. Growing up in a queer household, Nichelle understood from a young age the challenges that different people must overcome to strive for equity and that in turn challenged me to be a vocal activist. She strives to stand with like-minded people to break down invisible barriers and provide equitable opportunities to all people. 


Nichelle can’t live without her partner, he is her rock. They support each other in everything that they do and have been through many ups and downs without wavering in their love for one another. She can’t live without her dogs, Chronos and Willis. They are two big 100-something pounds of love and affection. They play like kids and always have a goofy smiles on their faces. Lastly, she can’t live without her students. As a teacher, Nichelle is passionate about her job, and her students always bring fresh views, discussion points, and ideas that constantly help her think, rethink, and change different aspects of herself and the classroom. She is always thankful for the opportunity to work with the leaders of tomorrow. 


Nichelle loves the Kamloops summers, saying that if it is not at least 30 degrees out, it is not warm, and Kamloops summers hit that and higher. Going to the beach just a 7 minute walk from her house with the dogs, to wade in the water; enjoy the scenery; relax in the heat. To her, that is bliss. 


To Nichelle, Pride is the act of being proud. Pride means to be who you are without shame. To stand up for what you believe in, disregarding the negative thoughts or actions of others. Pride is not only a state of being but actions carried out by individuals that collectively come together to create a greater good. Nichelle has been on the board since 2016, and she is proud to have the opportunity to work with amazing community members to help affect change.


Photos courtesy of Kathleen Fisher Photography and Aspect Film Works 

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