Pronouns: He/Him.

Sam joined the Kamloops Pride board as a director in November 2016, becoming president in November 2018.  He considers himself first and foremost a volunteer, splitting his time between Kamloops Pride, the Kamloops Film Festival, Kamloops Ambassador Society and the Storybook Program at the Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre, among others volunteer activities. When not working in community relations and communications, he keeps himself busy with reading, crafting and not calling his parents often enough. Sam and his boyfriend Michael also enjoy going for hikes and traveling to Palm Springs and have lived in Kamloops for six years.  

His favourite thing about Kamloops is the kindness of the people who live here, something he sees exhibited daily.  Sam couldn't live without his MacBook Pro, comfy pants, his friends and family and a good moisturizer (Kamloops is dry!).

To Sam, Pride is simply the recognition, acceptance, protection and celebration of diverse sexual and gender identities and expressions that exist in every corner of the world.    


Photos courtesy of Kathleen Fisher Photography and Aspect Film Works 

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