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Kamloops Pride Logo With the 6 colours of the rainbow arranged to look like legs of the letter K

Welcome to Kamloops Pride

We are a non-profit organization supporting people who identify on the gender and sexuality spectra.  This includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning and Two-Spirit (LGBTQ2S+) individuals living in the Kamloops region.  

Our mission statement is to promote a more flourishing LGBTQ2S+ community and support gay culture in Kamloops.  Regardless of how you identify on the gender, identity or sexuality spectrum - we welcome you!  We are here to serve the diverse community within Kamloops and strive to advocate on behalf of people who experience discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.  Through our work, we hope to promote equity for all.  

Goals and Values

Our Values

Practice transparency, honesty, professionalism, and informative communication to maintain community trust.

Maintain unconditional consideration for all those we interact with in the business of Kamloops Pride. 

Acknowledge intersectionality and work towards equity.

Maintain a sense of celebration in everything we do!

Foster community through a caring, considerate, and consistent presence.

Our Goals

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Annual Report

Our 2020/2021 Annual Report was delivered at our Annual General Meeting on Monday, October 18th, 2021. You can view the report below.

Meet Your 2021/2022 Board!

photo of Ashton in blue toque, black glasses, long curly brown hair and a brown jacket

Ashton O'Brien (They/She)


My name is Ashton and my pronouns are they/she. I identify as a genderfluid lesbian, and I live in Westwold with my partner and our dogs. I work in Kamloops and have lived in the area for about 10 years. I volunteered with Kamloops Pride a few years ago before joining as a director. I took a break for a year, and this past year I was elected Vice President. I would like to continue working with Kamloops Pride and so this year I ran, and was elected as President. I am an outdoorsy kind of person, but also an introvert and a bit of a geek. I love to adventure but also love to curl up at home and play video games. I am a big fan of NBA, and I also enjoy hockey, softball, shooting, fishing, and ATVing.

My vision this year is to see Kamloops Pride be more integrated into the whole Kamloops community and I would like to see more partnerships and stronger relationships between the board and both the 2SLGBTQPIA+ community, service providers, and allies here in Kamloops.

Photo of Tre Rhiness

Tre Rhiness (He/Him)

Vice President

Hey I’m Tre. I am a full-time social work student at Thompson Rivers University. A big part of my life is doing advocacy work in many different fields. I enjoy anything to do with the outdoors, hiking, swimming, paddleboarding and camping are among my favorites. I am also an avid reader and an animal lover. I grew up queer in a very small town so I am very excited to be involved with Kamloops Pride, meet more 2SLGBTQ+ folks and celebrate our diversity.


Shea Lozinski (They/Them)


Shea is a nonbinary artist living in Westwold, BC with their partner and two dogs. When they are not creating art, they like to go atving, play video games, go shooting, and explore small communities/ghost towns. Although they have done a few fundraisers on their own, they have wanted to join Kamloops Pride since going to their first drag show in 2020. After feeling freedom in an inclusive space for the first time, their goal became to help others feel the same way on a regular basis. Shea hopes to bring more variety and inclusivity to the pride events in Kamloops while they are on the board this year.


Emily Cooke (She/Her)


Emily joined the board and the Kamloops 2SLGBTQ+ community this year for the first time after moving here in September of 2020. She hopes to bring a commitment and passion for community and making connections to the Pride board, and hopefully a sense of fun and enjoyment in the work we do. To her, Pride is about the strength in community with each other.


Originally from Ontario, Emily is now the minister for Mount Paul United Church and Plura Hills United Church in Kamloops, and out as a trans woman since June 2021. She lives with her husband, 2 cats, and her hobbies include cooking, writing, Dungeons & Dragons, music (guitar, piano, viola, and voice), snowboarding, and skateboarding (at which she is terrible but learning).


Lisa Hietala (She/Her)


Lisa is relatively new to the Kamloops area - having moved here in 2018. In addition to being a staunch ally, she is an animal lover, world traveller and avid reader. She also loves movies, music and gardening. 

Lisa joined the board as a way of bettering the community and herself in a meaningful way.

This is her first year on the Board of Pride, and she is eager to work with others who value integrity, inclusivity and diversity in the community.

Pride to her is holding space for everyone, and encouraging everyone to be themselves.


Sara Berkelaar (She/Her)


I’ve lived in the BC interior my whole life, and in Kamloops the last 8 years. Recognizing the importance of building LGBTQ2S+ support in smaller communities, I wanted to join Kamloops Pride to help contribute. I think for me, like a lot of people, 2020 and 2021 were difficult years and really highlighted the importance of mental health and connection with others. 


In my spare time, I’m most often enjoying the outdoor activities Kamloops has to offer with my main sidekick, my dog Snoopy.


Jesse Ritcey (He/Him)


Jesse Ritcey is a gay man who works towards making Kamloops a more inclusive, caring, and environmentally friendly community. Besides serving on the pride board he is also co-president of the Kamloops Food Policy Council and active with the Kamloops Naturalist Club. He works in the non-profit sector, grant writing, event planning, and managing projects. Many of these projects are undertaken in partnership with area indigenous communities and are related to his interests in environmental protection, education, and horticulture/agriculture. Besides working in the community, you'll probably find him out in nature, puttering around the garden, or reading.  


Riann Munro (They/Them)

Director/Volunteer Coordinator

Riann is our Pride volunteer coordinator who has joined us for the 2021/2022 season. They are looking forward to making a bigger difference with the city and our community. Riann has volunteered for pride events in the past and is very passionate. 
Riann is the parent to two young children aged 6 and 9. Whenever they are together they enjoy being outdoors. You can often find them together as a family at local parks, hiking, swimming, or fishing. Riann also really enjoys photography, drawing, and painting. During the cold winter months they like to game as they are not a fan of the cold and much prefer the spring and summer months. They are excited to have a bigger role and getting involved with future events.

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