We are on a mission!


Welcome to Kamloops Pride

We are a non-profit organization supporting people who identify on the gender and sexuality spectra.  This includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning and Two-Spirit (LGBTQ2S+) individuals living in the Kamloops region.  

Our mission statement is to promote a more flourishing LGBTQ2S+ community and support gay culture in Kamloops.  Regardless of how you identify on the gender, identity or sexuality spectrum - we welcome you!  We are here to serve the diverse community within Kamloops and strive to advocate on behalf of people who experience discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.  Through our work, we hope to promote equity for all.  

Goals and Values

Our Values

Practice transparency, honesty, professionalism and informative communication in upholding community trust.

Maintain unconditional consideration for all those we interact with in the business of Kamloops Pride. 

Acknowledge intersectionality and work towards equity

Maintain a sense of celebration in everything we do!

Foster community through a caring, considerate and consistent presence

Our Goals

Gain an understanding of the needs, interests and priorities of the LGBTQ2S+ community in Kamloops.

Ensure there is programming with youth in mind. ​

Provide community members with regular, high quality events. ​

Build effective succession planning and information retention programs to ensure sustainability. 

Incorporate community stakeholders in planning and engagement regarding LGBTQ2S+ issues in Kamloops. 

Annual Report

Our 2018/2019 Annual Report was delivered at our Annual General Meeting on Monday, October 28th.  You can view the report below.

Meet the Team


Katelyn Boughton (She / Her)


Katelyn joined the Kamloops Pride board last year initially as a Director, however moved into the Vice President position to fill a vacancy. She is a curious person with an insatiable appetite for learning, with a focus on Science and Technology. Katelyn is also a very nerdy person who loves science fiction, movies, board games, video games and reading. She also enjoys travelling and to date has been fortunate enough to have visited fourteen different countries.  Katelyn has lived in Kamloops for the last 20+ years and attended university at TRU. To Katelyn, Pride is about creating safes spaces for everyone to live their authentic lives.


Ashton O'Brien (They / She)

Vice President

Ashton joined Kamloops Pride for the first time as a Director back in 2019 after they led a petition to have the Pride flag flown at Kamloops City Hall for the first time. They took a break for a year, but they are back this year as Vice President.

Ashton is an introvert, and mostly likes to go adventuring in the outdoors with their partner and dogs. They enjoy the forest and the mountains, and want to just explore more of our beautiful province. When they are at home, they like to play video games or watch Schitt's Creek for like...the hundredth time.

Ashton works as a Sr Application Support Analyst at BCLC, and they have worked there for the past 9 years. In 2018 with the help of a few friends, they founded the BCLC Pride Committee who's mission is to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion with a focus on 2SLGBTQ+ through education and community presence.

Ashton's passion is Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. They believe that everyone, no matter who they are, deserve to be their genuine selves without fear of hatred and bigotry. The Queer community is like a family to Ashton, and they want to help advocate and create safer spaces for all of us to feel free to be our authentic selves wherever we go.


Jason Richard (He / Him)


Jason is, first and foremost, a giant nerd. Lover of all things sci-fi and fantasy (books, comics, movies, tv shows), player of all things gaming (video, board, role playing), and connoisseur of all things logic (mathematics, debates, and philosophy). Seemingly in contrast, Jason has a passion for music: playing drums, ukulele, as well as singing in two of the choirs here in Kamloops. If Jason takes a break from playing games, you can find him cross-country skiing in the winter or floating down the river in the summer.
Jason has done many things over his working time, but eventually worked his way into a career in education. For the last ten years, he has been teaching in the public school system. It is a career that he finds extremely challenging, but immensely rewarding at the same time.
After volunteering for Kamloops Pride in the past, Jason joined the board of directors last year as secretary. He is currently working in the role of the board’s treasury. Being on the board  represents a way for Jason to work towards bettering his community in, what he hopes is, a meaningful way. Working to create a safer, more representative community that welcomes all into its arms.
Pride, to Jason, is the recognition that every person has a meaningful and respected place in our global society. He believes that as humans, we are all interconnected, and that we have a responsibility to each other to protect, encourage, support, and love one another, to keep anyone from feeling like they don’t belong somewhere.


Shari Finlay (She / Her)


Bio coming soon


Madison Clipperton (She / Her)


Madi grew up in the Okanagan and moved to Kamloops in 2019 after a job offer with Stingray Radio.  She has grown to love Kamloops and its community members. She enjoys hiking with her dog child, drinking craft beer and hosting themed dinners.   This is her first year on the Board of Pride, she is excited to meet like minded people who want to make the world a more caring and inclusive place. To her Pride represents a better tomorrow for everyone. 


Tory LeBeau (She / Her)


Tory grew up in Lee Creek, a small community in the North Shuswap and moved to Kamloops to pursue her Bachelor of Social Work at Thompson Rivers University. After graduating in the spring of 2020, she stayed in Kamloops and started her social work career working with survivors of violence and trauma. In her spare time she can be found at the lake, going for walks with her dog Heidi, watching endless repeats of some of her favourite TV shows and attempting to become better at cooking. Tory joined the Kamloops Pride Board as a Director this year with goals of connecting more with the community, starting conversations, and building safe spaces and connections for individuals. Pride's values and goals have reflected the dedication and hard work put into this organization. For Tory Pride is about community connection, diversity, inclusivity, support and bringing individuals together.


Grace McDonell (She / Her)


Bio coming soon


Sydney Snape (She / Her)


Originally hailing from Saskatchewan, Sydney has called BC home for the last 15 years. Sydney is currently a student at TRU Law and is actively involved in on-campus organizations including being the President of the TRU OUTLaws and a member of Pro-Bono Canada (TRU Chapter). Sydney is looking forward to continuing the work of the grassroots Kamloops Pride Society in broadening the resources, accessibility, and (fun!) that the Kamloops 2SLGBTQ+ community brings.


Lucas Warner (He / Him)


Lucas has called Kamloops home since moving here in childhood. He has graduated from TRU twice, once with a BA in History, and then more recently with a BSN. He is currently working as a Registered Nurse here in Kamloops. Lucas has traveled extensively and spent time living overseas. He likes cooking, eating, photography, karaoke, and summer days at the beach. Lucas joined the board because he has a passion for mental health and vibrant communities. He is excited to be a part of this board as it navigates a challenging time for its community members and builds upon the inspiring work by previous Kamloops Pride boards.