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Gay Pride
Gay Pride

Sponsorship Matrix

In order to make decisions regarding sponsorship with the best interests of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community in mind, we developed a Sponsorship Matrix to assist us with discussion and decision making. 

Sponsorship applications will be reviewed by a small team of Kamloops Pride volunteers and we do our best to ensure that each Sponsor aligns with our values, our Sponsorship Matrix, and the 2SLGBTQPIA+ and intersecting communities. However, we can only use the information submitted to us by each organization or brought to our attention by the community. Kamloops Pride will do our best to score each Sponsor fairly based on the information that we have. We trust that Sponsors will answer the application questions truthfully and completely, to the best of their knowledge.


We are committed to approaching decisions from a variety of perspectives to ensure safety and celebration for our community members, all while balancing budgetary needs to pull off events and a Pride Week Festival. 

We have also committed to move away from a title sponsorship model to address corporatization in an effort to ensure Pride celebrations remain in the spirit of how they were started, as much as possible.

The matrix is used to rate potential sponsors against certain criteria:

  • The business or organization actively supports the 2SLGBTQIA+ community in Kamloops

  • The business or organization does not sell products that harm the 2SLGBTQIA+ community or intersecting communities

  • The business or organization has policies that encourage diversity and inclusion as a whole, but with particular regard to sexual orientation and/or gender identity/expression

  • The business or organization, in the past 3 years, has not had any reported incidents of homophobia, transphobia, or discrimination towards any other marginalized communities, that were not addressed and rectified in a way that ensures no further harm to the complainant(s), and has not partnered or made contributions to businesses, organizations, groups or political campaigns that have

  • If the business or organization, in it's history, has had instances of homophobia, transphobia, or discrimination towards any other marginalized communities, or if the business or organization has partnered or contributed to a business, organization, group or political campaign that has, we have since made steps to rectify them in a way that ensures they are not repeated in the future

  • The business or organization has not placed implicit or explicit conditions on Kamloops Pride in exchange for sponsorship

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