COVID - 19

The members of the Kamloops Pride Board want you to know that we are still working hard for the Community. Even with the current pandemic, we are still planning events and Pride Week, which we are hoping we will still be able to host this year. However, with the ever-changing state of the world, we do have to be realistic about what we can and will be able to do over the next number of months.  We are following the information provided by the Provincial Health Authority, and the current State of Emergency will be re-evaluated at the end of April.


The board is working on ideas for event that we can host virtually for the community to attend. Please come back to the Kamloops Pride webpage for updates on what we are up too.  If you would like us to reach out to you as we come up with plans, please send your name and email address to


We do want to ensure that everyone is staying safe and practicing Social Distancing. If you are looking for information, here are some links to Provincial and Federal government resources with the latest information: